General Information


Flight Arrangements

We highly recommend that you use a Travel Agent who not only specializes in African travel, but also has the knowledge and experience to handle the special arrangements required for Hunters. Although you are free to choose whom you please, we recommend Annelise Dubose in the US. In addition to being highly experienced, she is also a direct link to Afton Guest House. You can reach Annelise at:

Annelise DuBose, Areva Travel.
(210) 568-9603

VIP Meet and Greet

If you are flying into Johannesburg, we suggest you use Afton Guesthouse House to meet you at the airport. Afton makes the entire customs process much easier – specifically when it comes to gun permits ahead of time, greet you as you exit customs and then take you through the gun registry process. Additionally, they can help you run errands, tour Johannesburg or send you on your way to Polokwane. They also offer overnight accommodations if needed. You can reach them at:

Afton Guest House


A valid passport is needed. South Africa requires no Visa. Zimbabwe requires a Visa (Approximately $30) that can be purchased at the airport upon arrival. Tanzania, also requires a Visa($50).


Your trip fee includes pick up and drop off at the international airport closest to your safari destination:

South Africa: Polokwane
Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls International Airport or Harare International Airport


Some Hospitalization Plans do not cover patients in a Foreign country. Travelers Emergency Network, (800) 275-4836, will transport the injured by plane to a Hospital for the necessary  care. American Republic Insurance Company (AMERICARE) offers Hospital and Emergency coverage. Their number is 800-640-9016. Firearm insurance is handled by Hollis E. Boss of Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc. (SIAS) 800-925-7767. They insure guns, bows, cases and related items such as scopes, rings, quivers, sights, etc.


Your Trophies will be marked, salted, and field prepared prior to being sent to a Taxidermist. Wild Africa Hunting Safaris will prepare all taxidermy documentation and arrangements.

In South Africa, Safari Taxidermy (dip to ship in 99 days) will take care of the shipping of trophies. You can contact them at:

Safari Taxidermy
Tel: +27 15 293 2674/5
Fax: +27 15 293 1246

Firearms and Ammunition

Bring a bolt action or a double rifle (muzzleloaders are also welcome). For Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant a minimum caliber of .375 or higher is recommended. For Lions, Leopard, Antelopes and other medium game – a caliber of .300 or 30-06 will be sufficient.

For dangerous game – 40 full metal-jacket cartridges as well as 40 soft point cartridges are required. For medium game, you will need at least 80 soft-point cartridges.
Fit your rifle with a good quality scope with variable power: 1.5-6 x 42, 2.2-9 x 42 or the like. For transportation of your rifle between hunting areas, a soft case per gun is required.

Gun Fees

The importing of hunting weapons to South Africa and Zimbabwe is free(declaration at weapons upon arrival suffices). The legislation governing the international flights demands that rifles and ammunition be transported in lockable cases with ammunition packed separately.

Gun Permits

When booking, specify the animals you wish to hunt. All hunters from countries which are signatory to CITES Conventions must bring a photocopy of/or their original CITES permit for Leopard, Elephants, Crocodile, Lion and Hippopotamus. CITES permits can be obtained from the Federal Wildlife Permit Office.

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Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is also welcome. If you plan on using a bow, please let us know ahead of the time so that we can make the necessary preparations. No permits are required for bow hunting.

Average Tempreture

February to April – ranges between 50F and 85F
May to August – ranges between 40F and 65F
September to October – ranges between 50F and 85F

Terms and Conditions

A 50% Deposit of total daily rate is payable upon confirmation of booking. Balance is payable on commencement of safari. Deposit will not be refunded if safari is cancelled 360 days or less prior to commencement. Booking may, with 25% penalty, be switched to an alternative date within the booking year depending upon availability) or transferred to another person.

All payments to be made in US currency (US Dollar traveler’s checks drawn at a US bank) or wire transfer. As an extra service we also accept credit cards (with a 5% surcharge). Personal cheques are welcome with prior arrangement. Our preferred method of payment is per money orders.


Any Safari activity is potentially hazardous and it is essential that all lawful direction and advice of the Safari operator be followed.

Wild Africa Hunting Safaris accepts no responsibility for death, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person’s Loss, theft, or damage to property occurring during a visit (or visits) to areas or Resorts under our control, whether allegedly due to negligence of any of the servants or agents, or arising from the use of any facility supplied or made available by us.