Godzilla : Roaring Fun at Nijigen no Mori Theme Park

Godzilla : Roaring Fun at Nijigen no Mori Theme Park

Hey there, little adventurers! Guess what? If you think Godzilla movies are super cool, you’ll be thrilled to hear this. In 2020, a magical place in Japan called Nijigen no Mori is bringing the iconic Godzilla’s to life in a whole new way!

Godzilla Takes Over:

Imagine a place where Godzilla’s, the gigantic lizard from the movies, is not just on the screen but right in front of you! Nijigen no Mori, on Awaji Island in Hyogo prefecture, is creating a special area just for Godzilla’s lovers like you.

Godzilla : Roaring Fun at Nijigen no Mori Theme Park

Godzilla’s Massive Size:

Get ready for some jaw-dropping numbers! The Godzilla’s in this park will be a whopping 20 meters tall, 25 meters wide, and a gigantic 55 meters long! That’s as big as the one in the movies – imagine standing next to such an enormous creature!

Why Awaji Island?

You might wonder why they chose Awaji Island for Godzilla’s grand entrance. Well, it turns out that the legendary Godzilla was first spotted there during the Meiji era when a big storm hit. Godzilla emerged from the waves, wandered around the island, and left a trail of excitement and awe.

Godzilla’s Movie Magic:

You know those thrilling Godzilla’s movies where he stomps through cities and roars loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood? Now, picture being right there, feeling the ground shake as Godzilla walks by. It’s like stepping into the movie magic!

More Than Just Godzilla:

But wait, there’s more! Nijigen no Mori is not only about Godzilla’s; it’s a treasure trove of fun. They have awesome rides and cool exhibits based on your favorite Japanese anime and cartoon characters, like Crayon Shinchan. It’s a dream come true for anime lovers!

Why Godzilla Rocks:

Godzilla isn’t just a scary lizard; he’s a legend. The first Godzilla movie hit the screens in 1954, and since then, it has inspired lots of remakes. People love the thrill of watching Godzilla causing a little (okay, maybe a lot) of chaos in cities.

Awaji Island’s Movie History:

Imagine living on an island where Godzilla’s once made his mark! That’s the cool history of Awaji Island. The connection between Godzilla and the island makes it the perfect spot for this exciting Godzilla-themed adventure.

A Lesson in Movie Magic:

You know, movies are like giant stories that come to life on the screen. Now, Nijigen no Mori is bringing one of the biggest movie stars, Godzilla, to life right in front of you. It’s like stepping into the world behind the screen!

Get Ready for Adventure:

So, little explorers, get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure with Godzilla’s. Feel the excitement, witness the magic, and have a roaring good time at Nijigen no Mori. Who knows, you might even get to roar back at Godzilla’s!