The Shoes of Estes: Your Ultimate Guide to Mobile Legends

The Shoes of Estes: Your Ultimate Guide to Mobile Legends

When you step into the shoes of Estes, you become the center of attention for the enemy team. That’s why choosing the right battle spell is crucial. Purify is your best bet. It’s like a quick fix-it button, instantly getting rid of any stun or debuffs so you can cast Blessing of Moon Goddess without any interruptions.

If the enemy team isn’t big on crowd control, go for Flicker. It gives you a quick escape route when things get messy, plus it helps you zip closer to your allies in need.

The Shoes of Estes: Recommended Emblem

Picture this: the Support emblem is your sidekick. It boosts your healing powers, slashes down cooldown time, and even makes you a bit speedier. Start with Agility for extra zip and then nab Pull Yourself Together to keep your spells and gear ready at a moment’s notice. As for your core talent, grab Focusing Mark to pump up the damage your teammates dish out to your targets.

The Shoes of Estes: Estes’ Winning Build

Want to be a healing powerhouse? Then gear up wisely. Start with Tough Boots. They not only toughen you up but also ramp up your healing prowess thanks to the Favor roaming blessing.

Next, snag Dominance Ice. It’s like wrapping yourself in a chilly blanket, boosting your defense against physical attacks while giving you extra mana. Plus, it makes life harder for nearby enemies by slowing their roll.

Then, add Oracle to your cart. It boosts your healing even more, throws in some magic defense, and shaves off some cooldown time. After that, grab Enchanted Talisman for a mana boost and cooldown reduction galore.

When it comes to defense, pick your poison based on the enemy lineup. Need more magic resistance? Go for Athena’s Shield. Facing a horde of physical attackers? Radiant Armor might be your jam. And to top it off, seal the deal with Immortality for an extra life insurance policy.

Easy Combos to Master

Estes isn’t just about keeping your pals in tip-top shape. You can also pack a punch. Start with Domain of Moon Goddess, then follow up with a smack from Scripture of the Moon Elf for a little extra oomph.

But remember, your mana isn’t endless. Save it for when it really counts, like healing with Moonlight Immersion.

During big brawls, pop Blessing of Moon Goddess when the time is right. Then, keep the healing train rolling with Moonlight Immersion for non-stop patching up.

Stay smart about where you stand in fights. Don’t be too far back, or you’ll miss healing your VTBET tank. But don’t be too far up either, or you’ll be a sitting duck. Aim for the Mobile Legends middle ground. Where you can keep everyone’s health bars in check.